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Business News
  • Excellent after-sales service!
  • Stay there for whole night to find out the root cause---after-sales service
  • Our car wash machine installed through on-line instruction is put into use in Lithuania!
  • Intelligent car wash enables you to make money easier
  • Cloud software installation of tunnel car wash machine in Lithuania, Amazing technology
  • How our tunnel car wash machine look after being used for two year
  • Auti-virus car wash water wax
  • Risense Safety auti-virus car wash shampoo officially on sale, but limit purchase at present!
  • Thailand Customer Visits
  • Scenery bus wash machine installed in beautiful Hainan
  • Fully Automatic Car Wash Machine, Witness of the Development of Civilization
  • Risense tunnel car wash machine is installed and completed regardless of harsh weather
  • Small step for foreign business and a big step for global plan ----Congratulations on the establishment of service center in Malaysia
  • About Risense
  • Top Service from Che Xing Tian Xia
  • The letter of acceptance of the purchase project of SHEGOLE&KALITY; of automatic bus station wash machine for Ethiopia from China Construction Eighth Engineering Division Co., Ltd.
  • Automatic car wash machine has a damage on car body paint ? ---That is the calendar of the past !