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Join the new fashion |create the new field |realize create together, enjoy together
Release time:2017-08-14


Join the new fashion create the new field realize create together, enjoy together


Intelligent car wash solution

 Program introduction

In November 29,2012

Influenced by the President’s design of “China dream” in  


Under the appeal of the premierPublic entrepreneurship, innovation” in summer 2014


Our “RIDERS MASTER” keep up with the trend of the times, launched the project of unattended car washing.


The RIDERS MASTER IOT is a public service platform for intelligent terminal equipment and user management which can provide the online and offline service for person, company, and other organization.

RIDERS MASTER platform is the platform of IOT which can communicate with car wash machine, oiling machine, water dispenser, and VEM. The future application prospect is very broad. What’s more, we can offer the service of car washing and fuel filling for car owner and high end consumption platform.


Now this kind of business develop rapidly, so we have a huge advantage. So as to enter the car aftermarket business are almost commodity supply platform and storefront management for business users. While our platform are to help marketing.


Almost for customers. Who can owe the car owner who can win in the car after marketing.

Intelligent car washing

 Rolling advantages



City alliance store: Use the intelligent car wash machine provided by RIDERS MASTER to start car wash service, realizing the increase of the income.


RIDERS MASTER’ s APP is a IOT platform which can communicate with the intelligent equipment of car wash machine, oiling machine, water dispenser, and VEM.



RIDERS MASTER’ s APP is a platform for the car owner to car washing and fuel filling which can help your marketing(can help to inject the customer, aim at the customer users.)



Program assistance

Go to customer side to help you select the site construction

Go to customer side to help you select the site construction for free



Technology assistance

 Equipment maintenance one to one


Design guidance of the store

Store design for free


Marketing plan, activity plan design

Marketing plan design for free


 Price system position

Offer the reference price of the whole country


10-20 Technician will offer you the operate training 10-20days

operate training and maintenance for free

 Products support

Provide for all kinds of car wash equipment and spare parts



 If you want to cooperate, shake off your arms and do it boldly

RIDERS MASTER will do his best to help you

 Solve your worries



 City cooperator will have a good income

 The income from the store

 The income from the APP

 If you want to know more information, you can contact us



The creativity of intelligent car wash technology and cooperation, RIDERS MASTER offer more opportunity for the sale market.


The brief introduction of city cooperator


The city partner are different from the traditional hierarchical franchisee and agency model.

The city partner are not only the stockholder of the company but also the owner of the company. 

The city partner and the company’s development are the relationship of parts and wholes.

Through the new incentive mode, to motivate partners to maximize their potential, promoting enterprises to quickly occupy markets all over the country.

The aptitude of city partner